Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Never Assume Anybody Cares, People

It was big news in The State paper this morning when it was revealed that Democratic gubernatorial challenger Tommy Moore is declining to participate in an NAACP voter forum next month in Augusta with incumbent Republican Gov. Mark Sanford.

Seriously, how often does a Democrat reject an invite to address the state's largest black advocacy group - particularly when a Republican opponent has already accepted? After all, the NAACP could be holding its voter forum on the Fra Mauro hills or the recently downgraded Pluto and a Democrat is pretty much obliged to be there, right?

Conversely, the NAACP could hold a forum inside a Republican's bedroom and there's still a good chance the GOP representative wouldn't show.

Dispensing with the "who agreed to what, when and where" specifics, which is really just scenery, let's take a look at the impact this will have on the governor's race.

Short answer? Not much.

Moore will anger some Democrats, and Sanford will pick an incredibly small percentage of those voters up. Sanford will anger a few Republicans, and Moore will pick an incredibly small percentage of those voters up. Independents will likely just scratch their heads and go back to fawning all over U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham's GQ spread.

Where is the outrage, you may ask?

Well, as Paris Hilton might say, it's "so five years ago."

The NAACP "economic boycott" of South Carolina is a joke, and everybody knows it.

Unlike when Christians got upset at K-Mart or Catholics got ticked off at Pepsi, the NAACP's economic protest of the Confederate flag has literally had the economic impact of a flea biting a Brontosaurus on the ass.

Far from the lightning rod it was in 2000, the Confederate flag is not a fringe issue (although it did beat out our own Sic Willie to win "Political Faux Pas of the Year" among Free Times readers in 2005).

The long and short of the NAACP Confederate flag boycott?

White people don't care. Black people don't care. Basically, nobody but the NAACP cares.

That's why this morning's news story in The State, while indeed interesting, will have minimal impact on the 2006 Governor's Race.

To borrow a verse from Billy Ray Shakespeare (Capricorn), it's "full 'a whoo-whoo but ain't doo-doo."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Conversely, the NAACP could hold a forum inside a Republican's bedroom and there's still a good chance the GOP representative wouldn't show.

Willie, there has got to be a joke in that line...
Try this for starters: How often can you find a GOP representative showing up inside their own bedroom anytime?


P.S. Oh this was about the NAACP 'boycott' wasn't it. Who cares anyway?

Remember what Cousin Arthur Ravenel said about the NAACP. Now there's a quotation for the History Books...should be in every school in South Carolina....

3:16 PM

Anonymous FNB said...

Oh, William, I wish you were right. Someone does care and its the NCAA. We continue to lose out on NCAA tournament games and sanctioned activities due to this stupid "boycott".

When will the NAACP realize they are hurting no one but themselves with this joke of a boycott and when will the NCAA realize this boycott is nothing but a joke?

3:49 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least for today The State newspaper finally took a hiatus from its mission of "let's create some positive buzz for Tommy Moore."

All this hoopla about Moore raising $$$ from Hootie, et al. is too little too late. Will, surely Sanford has gobbled up prime media spots relegating any upcoming Moore ads to The Lifetime Network @ 2:00 a.m.

4:12 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Because that would be admitting that no one gives them anything but token creedence. Most of their statements and actions toward South Carolina ( and elsewhere)seem to be received in a manner befitting 'the emporer's new clothes.' There is nothing there, but no one wants to be the one to say it.

4:40 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

fnb, when the UN, er NCAA is taken to task for knuckling under to what is essetially a RICO statute violation, being shaken down on behalf of the NAACP. The NAACP, without the visible issue of the flag, has heard the coffin nails being driven in. It is becoming largely irrelevent as it is able to deliver less and less from the Democrat masters largesse and as its wholly owned voting block is having issues with their own Christian core values and the Dems platform planks that equate "your racial equality" with the non-existant legal in-equailites of homosexuals. Ditto the incompatabilites of Margret Sangers (Planned Parethood's patron saint) extolling the virtues of abortion for ethnic cleansing and eugenics with equality for blacks who seem to be the bulk of the millions aborted while Clinton lied.

My own read of the situation, a Democrat bubba from the redneck belt was promised the black vote by NAACP bosses and would lose the KKK's votes if he addressed the NAACP. A Republican that has little to lose from the NAACP's block either way, still may have a great deal to gain by at least courteously addressing their assembly.

4:23 PM


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