Friday, September 29, 2006

One Degree of Kevin Bacon

"Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon," the pop culture phenomena by which virtually anyone in the world can be linked to the actor Kevin Bacon within six steps, is expanding its tentacles even further into South Carolina this week.

Bacon is in Columbia shooting a new movie, and just last night its filming location actually blocked the FITS girls from passing through Five Points on our daily carpool ride home.

Lordy, Lordy what a commotion!

Anyway, here are some guesses as to what movie Bacon is filming here in the Palmetto State (and his star character):

-"That's How I Roll" (as Thomas Ravenel)

-"The Quinndom of Heaven" (as Rick Quinn)

-"Mark Hammond - International Man of Mystery" (as reporter at "Scrooges and Angels" press conference)

-"The Taxpayer Pit" - (As Grady Patterson, forty years ago)

-"Thaddeus Maximus" (As Rep. Thad Viers)

-"Training Day - The Utility Workers' Version" (As Rep. Wallace Scarborough)

-"Anger Management" (As Will Folks)

-"Darlington Nights - The Legend of Andre Bauer" (As Andre Bauer)

-"8 Mile - Southern Style" (As Joel Sawyer)

-"The Alvin H. Glenn Detention Center Redemption" (Also as Will Folks)

-"The Seersucker Proxy" (As John Rainey)

-"Pimp My Budget" (As House Speaker Bobby Harrell)

-"She Wears the Pants - The Jenny Sanford Story" (As Mark Sanford)

-"Stir of Vetoes" (As Sen. Phil Leventis)

-"Under the Bridge to Nowhere" (Animated, voice of an endangered Owl in Sparkleberry Swamp who opposes the Clyburn Connector)

-"Bringing Sexy Back - Metro Style" (As Larry Marchant)

Well, that's our list - Send us your ideas!


Blogger Martin Guerre said...

Kevin Bacon in!
Confessions of a Republican Amnesiac: A Limbic System gone bad with a compulsion to Endorse Democrats (As - well...A dozen or so crazed SC GOPer in the world of let's pretend we're not RINO's)

...you'll be bored to the point of political suicide.

5:48 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Field of Dreams - (as Will Folks - Political Adviser to imaginary clients)

City of Angels - (as one of the FITS girls)

The Quick and The Dead - The story of the '06 SC Treasurer's Race -(as T-Rav)

Fight Club - (as one half of the John Hazard / JJ Darby split personality.)

11:38 AM


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