Friday, September 15, 2006

Pac Man Sanford Story Goes Statewide

FITS' original story about Gov. Mark Sanford's close ties to the Political Action Committee (PAC) "Carolinians for Change" has been picked up and expanded on by the mainstream media today.

Jim Davenport of the Associated Press filed a lengthy investigative story this evening about the PAC, slated for publication in the Sunday papers.

Among the information included in Davenport's report:

*Gov. Mark Sanford is the honorary chairman of Carolinians for Change.

*First Lady Jenny Sanford confirms "facilitating" political action committee donations on behalf of Carolinians for Change, but then denies having a "formal" fundraising role with the organization. FITS' original report referenced an e-mail in which Mrs. Sanford is quoted as recommending a PAC donation to Carolinians for Change "because Mark doesn't take PAC money."

*At least one of the checks received by Carolinians for Change specifically earmarks money for Gov. Sanford's 2006 GOP primary election. Another check specifically earmarks money for use by the "Sanford Leadership PAC."

*Gov. Sanford's political consulting firm, Red Sea, LLC, and his polling organization, Basswood Research, both received funds from Carolinians for Change. Red Sea, LLC, is also closely linked to current SCGOP Chairman Katon Dawson.

The potential fallout from the Sanford PAC flap remains to be seen, but government watchdog John Crangle of Common Cause was quoted in the AP story as calling the whole affair a "devious scheme to accept the benefit of PAC contributions through the back door even though they won't accept actual cash through the front door."

Aside from the hypocrisy of taking PAC money when you say you don't, then there's the questionable manner in which the Sanford campaign chose to handle the situation - insisting that the original FITS' post be taken down because it was "factually inaccurate" and subsequently informing us that leaving it up could be "bad for business."

At issue in the original FITS' post was our reference to Carolinians for Change as "Sanford's PAC," as assertion the Sanford campaign vigorously insisted was inaccurate.

After documentation was produced showing that the governor did not appear on either the bylaws or articles of incorporation for Carolinians for Change, the post was taken down - a move we now regret given that the Sanford campaign conveniently neglected to inform us of the governor's status as "honorary chairman" of the PAC.

Stay tuned to FITS for more on this breaking story and other South Carolina political news ...


Blogger Martin Guerre said...

Quel morceau savoureux sera exposé après mon ami ?

What 'will' you expose next....?

9:40 PM

Anonymous tammy said...

Holy Crap.

1:23 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

El chantaje es ilegal.

12:39 PM

Blogger faithinsound said...

Alright kids,

Here's the new rule. If you've got something to say on FITS, say it in English.

We're all for multiculturalism (and plenty of other -isms for that matter), but from this point forward you can either follow the rule or have your comment rejected.

Comprendez-vous, nos amis?

As our dear friend Mr. Cleo McDowell (John Amos) once reminded King Jaffe Joffer (James Earl Jones), "This is America, jack."



2:03 PM

Blogger Martin Guerre said...

Alll...okay, if you insist Will. My English is better than my French anyway and my Latin was way below average. So, I'll try to remember the ground rules.

I suppose no Sanford comments in Spanish either? Hmmmm, what language would Mrs. Pac Man think in...

2:19 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will Folks (RINO-South Carolina).

6:15 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every statement I have read from Will Folks before or after his work with the governor he has said on the record he is not a republican.

10:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What was the date of Mrs. Sanford's e-mail?

3:19 PM

Anonymous bubber Addams said...

but bubba wil, we be souf cakalacky educated, we don' know no english, we speaks American, pretty boi.

4:44 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Van Jenerette aka Martin Guerre:

You are still dodging the points and questions from a post earlier. Can't face the truth or do you have no answers? You dish out punches but you can't take them. Typical!
For everyone else this refers to an exchange under the Au. 29 or 30 post about Katon where Van went wild over a post or two about Katherine. A reply was made to him that apparently has shut him up on the subject.

8:10 AM

Blogger Martin Guerre said...

Dearest Anon:

With skills like yours, why are you writing barely intelligible comments and asking questions to strangers with French names when you could be doing detective work instead?

You could go around to popular blogs and find obvious points to argue between Democrats named Elliott and and famous Republican's like Katherine Jenerette.

People would love it! They would probably wonder whay you are so 'anti' Katherine Jenerette and so pro-Democrat sounding.

Wow! Watch out Anon, because here comes the 'clue' taxi. Hop on board for another ride:

What animal smells real bad and rhymes with hole that is not openly Gay or has not suffered a childhood of abuse?

Hint: The answer is not Dick Elliott, but the name 'Dick' is pretty warm.

Think hard you clever linguist while I think of more incomplete answers to your probing questions.

Don't go away, mon ami! Because even slow-witted morons can be amusing sometimes....

4:52 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Van Jenerette aka Martin Guerre:

There was nothing "barely intelligible" about the post(s). They are questions and points that you can't answer because you have to confront the issue that you revise facts or lie. Which is it?
Instead of going through all points I will just mention a couple. You constantly say that Katherine (I did not know she was a famous Republican) was the first Republican to take on Elliott. Fact is that two other Republicans have run against Elliott for the Senate. That deflates your bragadicio that she was the "first brave soul". Secondly, you love to say that Elliott spent 300,000 dollars when disclosures show he only spent 85,000 dollars. I know it "sounds" better to lose against 300, but facts are facts and you can't face them because it doesn't fit your story. Why can't you address issues like that in a fashion that is truthful or "intelligible"?
Finally Van, making the link of Martin to you is easy. You teach about Martin Guerre and are flunt in French, and maintain the blog from your home (do I need to give you your IP address?). So when you are posting as an anon tearing into Shealy, Edge, and Elliott while anonymously praising your (famous) wife have the balls to admit who you are.
Two more things, when is the book being published and why can't you answer (since you are a great Republican) which local candidates you have helped. My friends in Horry say that You and Katherine expect all Horry Republicans to help you but you never help the party or its local candidates. I guess you are of National stature (in your own mind).

9:21 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apropos this Blog:
There is a luncheon for the Governor at the Palmetto Club on September 29th.
The RSVP is noted, "PAC Checks should be made Payable to: South Carolina Victory 2006, PO Box 1413, Columbia, SC 29202".
Is this the Republican Party's fund raising arm or what?
Individual and corporate checks were to be made out to: "Sanford for Governor."
Thought that you might know.

9:52 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Looking at your riddle for a moment: You are first asking for an animal, but animals are not gay or have not been victims of child abuse. So are you speaking of an animal or a person?
I'm sorry I'm not smart enough to teach at a community college in another state like you but the riddle can't be answered as animals are not gay, ect. If you are trying to say someone is gay then say it. Maybe if you had campaigned by talking straight instead of saying riddles you could have won an election by now. Jenerettes have a history of making up nasty stuff about people they run agaist so who are you speaking of now?
Go on since you are an anon behind a name like Martin Guerre go ahead and tell who is gay, or is that something for the next losing campaign?

11:35 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


I see you've been chased away again. Bright sunshine and exposure to facts tend to chase away "BS artist" when the "BS" is figured to be what it is. Fear not though, there are still a lot of suckers who will buy what your selling, just not enough for you or your's to win an election.

10:18 AM


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