Thursday, September 21, 2006

Take the FITS Girls Boling, Take Them Boling

No, the title you just read is not repetitive, it's a ripoff of the chorus from Camper Van Beethoven's hit song "Take the Skinheads Bowling."

But speaking of ripping off, that's what Starboard Communications' up-and-comer BJ Boling and his crew of anonymous commenters did to the head of our very own Sic Willie earlier today.

In case you missed it on SC Hotline, it wasn't pretty ...

Everything got started, you see, when the FITS home office received some polling information on Rep. Lewis Vaughn's primary race last week that turned out to be ... well, wrong.

The poll we were shown (and we'll spare the person who shared it with us any embarassment) had Vaughn in a pretty close race, ahead of his nearest competitor by 8%, but he actually cleared the second-place finisher in Tuesday's special primary election by 18%.

So yes, we were wrong, and like the tenth step says - we're not only promptly admitting it, we're going to go the extra mile and take the heat ourselves instead of throwing the person who gave us the poll numbers under the bus.

Of course, for committing the unpardonable sin of incorrectly predicting the Lewis Vaughn primary race by 10 points, Boling's minions accused our favorite bad boy of everything under the sun, including having a small penis.

That's right, if you miss predicting the correct outcome of a low turnout State Senate special primary election by 10 points they'll start calling you out for contracting Smallcox disease from Nick Lachey and JW Ragley.

Seriously, you just gotta laugh at South Carolina politics sometimes ...

Believe it or not, we here at FITS actually think quite highly of BJ.

We didn't know he was involved with Rep. Vaughn's race, but the fact that he was makes him a good guy in our book. He's also buds with one of FITS good friends, McCain S.C. Field Director Chris Allen, which makes him a double good guy in our book. And finally, Boling recenly worked on Rep. Nikki Haley's race, which makes him a triple good guy in our book.

Anyways, it's never easy to admit when you're wrong, which is why most people in politics never do it. Truth is, it takes a special kind of man (or at least a special kind of man with multiple female voices in his head).

Congrats to BJ Boling, though, and more importantly best of luck to Lewis Vaughn in his quest to replace retiring State Sen. Verne Smith in Senate District 5.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will, you need a hobby. What's this? Like four stories in one day? You're like all adult and shit now.

9:20 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will...did Dr. Weiss do it?

10:22 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The posters at Boling should take "grow up pills'...and lots of them.

1:07 PM

Anonymous Aloysious said...

Maybe someone picked up Boling as ol' Anasti's lanes 'ere the younger Jim was busted in Fla and USC absorbed the property...

3:25 PM

Blogger B.J. Boling said...


I appreciate your comments. I hope you can forgive my quick temper. It is one of the fallbacks of having Irish blood in my veins.

I'd also like for you to know that the comments left on my blog were done so without my knowledge. They were by no means a coordinated effort.

I'd like to honor you by giving you the first invitation to the first annual post-election "Bowling for Bloggers" to be held on Wednesday, November 7th at Lexington Lanes located on HWY 1.

Hope to see you there.

10:07 PM


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