Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Virtually Yours

Again, we love our girl Laurin P. Manning.

Anybody combining her writing skills, verve for life and documented kinship to our two favorite NFL quarterbacks will always be "A-1" in FITS' book.

Laurin (whose virtual self is shown above standing on a virtual soundstage on virtual Mark Warner's website) happens to be great guns for the Virginia governor, which we find commendable, too.

Check out Laurin's latest post here for a sampling of the unrequited love.

What we did find interesting about Laurin's latest post however, was an observation that shows how low the bar currently resides when it comes to meeting our nation's leading public figures in a "public" setting.

"There’s never any sense that Warner is looking over the shoulder of the person to whom he’s speaking, a condition that ails many politicians," Manning wrote.

Actually, she's dead on in this observation, as anybody who has spent the requisite half-minute talking to Jim DeMint can tell you.

Of course then there's the opposite end of that spectrum, which includes politicians like Joe Wilson or Mark Hammond who are usually there leeching off of somebody else's crowd to begin with and will talk your ear off until you finally find a polite way to excuse (extricate) yourself from the conversation (and, ideally, flush their business card down the toilet).

Sure, we "normal" people residing here among the unwashed masses should recognize that politicians are busy, and like any cocktail hour, nobody should seek to engage them in an extended Cyndi Mosteller-style grilling.

But they're not that busy. And no, they're not that important.

Working the crowd is one of the few remaining spontaneous components of modern political life, which is probably why so few politicians do it well. In our opinion, though, it's a damn shame that we bestow such praise on these people for simply being able to hold a half-minute conversation with the people who put them where they are in the first place.

In other words, it's nice to know Mark Warner can make eye contact and appear to be relating to the average Joe or Jane, but in our humble view that should be a given, not a quality worthy of any enduring admiration.


Blogger Laurin Manning said...

Now FITS, the Governor's crowd-working skills have little to do with why I'm so interested in his candidacy, but I do appreciate the devoting of a whole blog post to yours truly. Maybe I'll look into some Peyton/Eli autographed paraphernalia in exchange for the publicity. hehe.

The Governor's record in Virginia speaks volumes about his leadership ability, and you can expect many a future blog post detailing as much, just as I scratched the surface doing on Devinely Southern just a little bit ago. (I've researched Warner's record pretty thoroughly, which is what piqued my interest 3 months ago in his potential candidacy.)

By the way, as a side note, "Virtual Laurin" exists not on Warner's website, but in the "virtual world" called Second Life (www.secondlife.com). Yes, I'm a huge nerd, and, yes, I desperately wish I had some real-life hot pink Crocs to match my virtual clodhoppers. What was I thinking when I opted for the boring navy blue ones?

9:31 PM

Anonymous Tim said...

The real question raised by this post is why a regular person would waste his or her (or in your case, FITS "his and several hers inside my head") time actually talking to Jim Demint. But, yeah, I have enough Joe Wilson business cards and little American flag lapel pins to decorate a small bathroom with.

8:51 AM


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