Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Windsor Contemplates SCGOP Chairman Race

FITS has learned that longtime Lexington County Republican Tommy Windsor is contemplating a second bid for State Party Chairman.

Windsor, who currently works for former Party Chairman and current Attorney General Henry McMaster, ran unsuccessfully against current term-limited Chairman Katon Dawson in 2002.

Columbia attorney and Graham-Sanford-DeMint confidante Kevin Hall has already made clear his intentions to run for the position, and FITS recently reported that Dawson will be breaking his previous pledge to serve only two terms as Chairman.

Spartanburg County GOP Chairman Rick Beltram, among others, also fancies himself as a candidate for the position.

Stay tuned to FITS for the latest on this emerging race ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still say Katherine Jenerette is the most logical choice. Who can beat her resume!!!!

Martin Guerre aka Van

4:15 PM

Anonymous john said...

Katon Dawson has done an outstanding job as GOP chairman and I hope he runs for reelection.
I agree with Senator Jim Demint that we Republicans need to concentrate on the Nov. 7 elections and worry about the chairman's race later.

7:43 PM

Blogger Palmetto Republican said...

We have more news on a new candidate COMING SOON to the PALMETTO REPUBLICAN

8:17 PM

Blogger Earl Capps said...

PRepub - not Mike Campbell, I hope? We know you were never connected with his campaign and all.

Seriously ... Beltram could make a good run for the office, but Tommy ... nope.

But that's all speculative. I just don't hear a lot of people complaining about the current party leadership.

Incumbents seldom lose when everyone is happy, or at least few people are pissed off. That seems to be the case here. At least based on what I hear.

However, I could be missing the obvious, so ya'll are welcome to speak up and correct me.

10:20 PM

Blogger Martin Guerre said...

Kevin Hall is by far the most logical choice.

Avec tellement en 2008 montant sur le choix de la Caroline du Sud d'un Président républicain ; les commentaires de ralenti faits à partir des abrutis sont comiques. Katherine Jenerette devrait coller avec la course qu'elle a presque serré… le SÉNATEUR.

Martin/aka Pansette

5:06 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So when is the seersucker pimp announcing his bid?

PS Paul Addams would like the job and thinks he looks good in seersucker, might even get Altman, Ceips, Limehouse and Seithel endorsements...

7:55 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who? Tommy Boy...

8:50 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Martin Guerre aka Van Jenerette:

Are you still dodging questions from the other thread. Guess you know when you've been beat by facts and caught revising the past. oh well, I should have not expected any better. Katherine for Chairman!!

12:57 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tommy Windsor would return the SC GOP to one of the most respected state parties in the country. He lead the Lexington County GOP very well.

1:38 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh fxxx me running backwards...Tommy vs Katon, no chance!

3:39 PM


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