Monday, October 09, 2006

All About Cash

Tomorrow we'll have a much better picture of who will and who won't have the dollars to get their message out to voters this election cycle.

It's "Cash Day," and you'll be able to view reports from all the statewide campaigns right here on the State Election Commission's home page.

How much money will Tommy Moore have raised in his effort to unseat Gov. Mark Sanford?

That's the question on most people's minds.

Moore's name ID is currently hanging in the low to mid-50's, not a good spot for someone taking on a popular Republican incumbent who has been on the airwaves virtually uninterrupted since May.

It'll also be interesting to see how much the governor has spent out of his $4 million-plus warchest ...

Bottom line, if Sanford retains a cash-on-hand advantage after months of being on television, Moore's goose is probably pretty well cooked heading into the final four weeks of campaigning.

Stay tuned to FITS for more "Cash Day" analysis tomorrow ...


We truly are morons sometimes. Turns out that October 23 is the date of the final pre-election disclosure, so looks like we got you all hopped up there for nothing. Sorry about that.

On the bright side, all you haters out there who love to call us 'idiots' on the comment pages can do so today without fear of contradiction.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought The State was reporting today that campaign finance reports for the governor's race were not due until Oct. 23?

And Will...what's up with this conflicting polling results in the Gov's race...Sanford cruising per FITS, Rasmussen, Survey USA...then Survey SC says it's a 4 point race?

11:19 AM

Blogger Palmetto Republican said...

First Time in a while Will Folks hasn't posted any anonymous comments about himself.

"Sic Willie"

3:39 PM

Blogger SC-Conservative said...

Survey SC is a Survey USA poll. It had a nine point change from one week to the next.

4:20 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks sc-conservative...any idea what would account for such a significant polling change in one week's time? That seems bizzare given no dramatic event.

5:41 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been scanning through the ethics Commission reports for the last 2 cycles, and I gotta say I am not impressed. I was double checking some information I knew to be true, and across 4 candidates, I found three errors. I don’t know what this means…but I did find it interesting

5:41 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Tommy Moore wins, are you going to keep up your blog?

-- Just Curious

6:57 PM

Blogger SC-Conservative said...

I usually trust matchup polls from Survey USA pretty well. But I think all of the matchup polls for that week are a little suspect. It showed all the races except for Sup of Ed to be close. It was the same week Sanford had a 63 percent approval rating from Survey USA. So I assume you can take away about 2 points from the Dems and add 2 for the Reps in those polls.

9:09 AM

Anonymous Sentry said...

Moron(s) sometimes? Don't overestimate yourself.

2:54 PM


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