Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hall's Investment E-mail Backs GOP Candidates

FITS' mailbox received a Halloween e-mail this evening from Kevin Hall, former Chairman of the South Carolina Retirement System's Investment Panel and rumored challenger to current SCGOP Chairman Katon Dawson.

No, he wasn't asking us for candy.

Hall's e-mail - which FITS has since learned went out to just under 50,000 Republicans across the state - did ask us to go to the polls next Tuesday to support Republicans Mark Sanford, Thomas Ravenel and Richard Eckstrom ... and to vote "Yes" on the International Investment Amendment to the State Constitution (Question 3).

If Hall is indeed running for the Party chairmanship, it was an especially shrewd move, particularly the section in which he praises T-Rav, the GOP nominee for State Treasurer.

"A conservative businessman, Thomas is leading the fight to modernize our state’s woefully-underperforming investments, which under incumbent Democratic Treasurer Grady Patterson rank in the bottom 1% of large public pension funds in the nation," Hall writes.

That endorsement contrasts nicely with the middling support T-Rav got from current SCGOP Chairman Dawson when the latter was attacked by RINO-in-Chief John Rainey.

Given that U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham's forces would likely align behind Hall in the event he runs, Hall's courting of T-Rav Republicans (many of whom are disenchanted with Graham) makes good political sense.

In another interesting twist, staunch Dawson supporter, GOP fundraiser and blogger extraordinaire Sunny Philips even gave Hall some love this week ... albeit accidentally.

Philips, who to her credit has made no bones concerning her unswerving loyalty to Dawson, devoted this post on her popular blog Sunday to an oped published in The Sun News last week supporting Sanford, Ravenel, Eckstrom and passage of the international investment amendment.

Sunny, like the rest of us, assumed the oped had been written by the person whose name appeared on it - Reynolds Williams, the current Chairman of the S.C. Retirement System Investment Board.

If only The Sun News editorial board knew how to copy and paste.

As its correction the next day noted, the oped was actually written by ... you guessed it, Kevin Hall.

We've already endorsed Kevin's candidacy in the event he runs. He's pretty much a bad ass and besides, Heather S. thinks he's hot. But we were reminded of the real reason we did that (even though he hasn't said he's running yet) when we read the closing line of his e-mail:

"Mark Sanford, Richard Eckstrom and Thomas Ravenel all support bringing South Carolina’s investment strategy into the 21st Century. They also support tax cuts to spur economic growth, strict limits on new state spending and restructuring reforms that will save money and make government more efficient and accountable to the taxpayer. As Republicans, I think we can all agree those are ideas worth fighting for."

Amen, brother. Amen.

Now if we can just get the Republican Party to actually believe those things ... and get a Chairman who actually supports candidates who believe those things ... South Carolina may be in business.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Should it not read that Will Folks wrote the oped AND the e-mail to the SCGOP for Mr. Hall AND this blog post?

11:11 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will was obviously Kevin Hall for Halloween.

11:12 AM

Anonymous wanna be joe wilson said...

Will your hatred for Katon Dawson is visceral. It is just visceral your hatred for Katon Dawson.

3:19 PM


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