Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hotline Pulls Letter at Lobbyist's Request

This afternoon, the popular political blog SC Hotline removed Will Folks' response to John Rainey's latest attack against GOP Treasurer Nominee Thomas Ravenel.

Several hours later, the website followed suit and removed Rainey's letter.

According to SC Hotline owners Jeffrey Sewell and Mike Green, the letter was pulled at the request of a registered lobbyist in the employ of Richard Davis.

Davis, one of the most successful lobbyists in South Carolina, recently confided to FITS that he was considering running for State Senate in Horry County in 2008 in the event incumbent Democrat Dick Elliot decides not to seek another term. Previously, Davis was a longtime aide to former Democratic Congressman John Jenrette.

It remains unclear what the lobbyist's motivations were in requesting that the post be pulled, or whether Davis knew that someone on his staff had taken such an action.

Ravenel recently delegated responsibility for responding to Rainey's repeated assaults to Folks, who is also advising the campaigns of Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer and Comptroller General Richard Eckstrom, and who has extensive experience with the "Seersucker Kingfish" dating back to his time in Gov. Mark Sanford's office.


Anonymous The Shot said...

We would be glad to post news items.


12:27 PM

Anonymous Horry GOP said...

Even Richard Davis could beat Katherine Jenerette or Dick Elliott, and never have to leave Columbia to do it!!!

9:01 AM

Blogger Brian McCarty said...

Forget about Rainey. He is the crazy old uncle in the attic. You guys are running against Patterson, war hero, longtime public servant, past his time.

It has to be a hard race. You don't want to come out and say what everyone in Columbia knows: the old man should have been allowed to retire with dignity. The Democrats did some immoral talking the old man into to this race. He should have just retired. It is sad to see.

9:02 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

FOR SENATE 28 in 08.......

we have Elliott and Jenerette and Edge and Davis and Tallon and Worley and Battle ect ect ect ect.....

9:03 AM


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