Friday, October 06, 2006

Immigrant Song

We hold the implosion of the Ralph Norman for Congress campaign to be self-evident, but in all the breaking furor over a potential immigration scandal (and Norman's deer-in-headlights response), we found this quote from some D.C. insider in this morning's Charlotte Observer quite interesting:

"Employment is a paramount goal for a large share of illegal immigrants," said Steve Camarota, with the Center for Immigration Studies, a Washington-based think-tank advocating controlled immigration. "So we have to make an effort to cut them off as much as possible from jobs."

Yup. Read it again and it'll hit you. It's like this guy is the Love Child of Captain Obvious and Frau Farbissinna, with a little Social Darwinism mixed in for good measure.

Now we don't know much about the Center for Immigration Studies. Ordinarily, we would go look their website up but that would mean missing out on Paris Hilton updates over at What Would Tyler Durden Do?

What we do know is that Norman has allowed Washington insiders to run his campaign into the ground.

First we had the Nancy Pelosi strategy, then the silly "Dear John" letters and now we have TV advertisements based on the supposed "hot button" issue of immigration, which it just so happens to turn out Mr. Norman has a bit of a problem with himself.

Stupid, stupid, stupid. And all so unnecessary given Norman's stellar credentials as a fiscal conservative.

In a supreme twist of irony, Norman's latest TV ad - which attacks Rep. John Spratt on immigration - started today, the same day the Observer story broke.

Sad. This guy could've been one of the best fiscal conservatives Washington D.C. ever saw - a Tom Coburn-size hero.

Now he's going the way of the Gullick.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know why the immigration push - would his U.S. House legislation be as good as all the state house legislation he passed on immmigration. . . there is none!?!?! oh wait that issue didn't get important enough to care about until just recently.

5:40 PM


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