Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Ken Mehlman's Aryan Nation

For whatever reason, national GOP chairman Ken Mehlman keeps popping up on our radar here at FITS.

Maybe it's because of facial expressions like this one, or maybe it's because Mehlman just sucks so bad.

Seriously, sign us up for whatever group of political operatives is waiting in the tall grass for this jerk.

Mehlman got served in this morning's USA Today, and with good reason.

He's funding perhaps the most overtly racist ad since South Carolina's own "Pitchfork Ben Tillman" actually stuck a black guy on a pitchfork and said "Hey White People, Look at Me!"

Okay, that last part didn't actually happen, but Tillman (along with David Duke, James Earl Ray and the first incarnation of George Wallace) would no doubt have loved the ad currently running against Democrat Harold Ford, Jr., in the Tennessee Senate race.

Mehlman, although his RNC is funding the ad, denies any responsibility for or foreknowledge of it.

Of course he does. Race-baiting isn't good PR for a party that's still desperately trying to peddle its "compassionate conservative" schtick.

We have no doubt that Harold Ford, Jr., is a big government liberal who wants to run our economy into the ground by raising taxes to pay for thousands of new government programs. Of course with the way Republicans have been spending money in D.C. over the past six years, Ford would hardly be the exception to the rule in either party.

But rather than make the case against Ford on the issues, the ad Mehlman's paying for attacks him for, wait for it ... liking white girls a little bit too much.

That's right. Forget taxes, spending or Social Security, let's make Jungle Fever the issue and see where that takes us.

Memo to Mehlman: It's 2006, not 1956.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, he sucks.

What's lost in that Ford commercial is how brilliant the other 48 seconds are. "Harold Ford is right, I have too many guns" and "Canada can take care of North Korea… they're not busy."

THEN he screwed it up.

10:57 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So much for Mehlman's 2005 remarks to the NAACP convention when he apologized for the Republican "Southern Strategy" of the 1960s and the GOP's history of racial polarization.

11:36 AM

Blogger Bill Smith said...

Will, I think you're off-base on this one.

It would be interesting if Mehlman were a member of Aryan Nations or had an ideal of an Aryan Nation, insofar as he's Jewish and rumored to be gay.

If you go and look at that ad, the point about it is that Harold Ford is socially liberal, untested, weak on defense, etc.

Now do I think it's lame to go after a guy for "lik[ing] girls and football" as Ford eloquently says in his defense? Yes, lame.

But to immediately assume that when a White lady flirts with a Black dude, what's important is their skin colors says something about the viewer.

That message may have been incompetant but it wasn't racist. After all, it's 2006, not 1956

12:19 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have to agree with Bill Smith. The racial angle didn't strike me until your blog mentioned it. I think USA Today is taking a pretty low view of the citizens of Tennessee.

3:57 PM


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