Monday, October 23, 2006

"Near Parity in Intensity"

FITS was surprised yesterday to open our mailbag and find an e-mail from Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman (pictured left, showing off his opposable thumb).

Okay, okay, we didn't exactly get an e-mail from Ken Mehlman. We were forwarded one. And the person we got it from didn't exactly get an e-mail from Ken Mehlman, either. They just happened to be on his Republi-spam e-mail list.

Anyway, the RNC chair and former Bush-Cheney '04 campaign manager - not to mention one of the brains behind the wildly-popular "Ralph Norman strategy" - had some interesting thoughts to share.

According to Mehlman, national polling research shows "near parity in intensity" among Republican and Democratic voters heading into the November 7 elections.

"In recent days and weeks, the mainstream media have repeatedly claimed that the Republican base is suffering from low voter enthusiasm," Mehlman writes. "It is easy to believe a story that is repeated so frequently, but in fact there is ample evidence to the contrary."

Mehlman then proceeds to wax scientific about three recent polls that he claims support his assertions - one of which just happens to be an internal RNC poll.

All we can say is, "Congratulations," Ken. We hear you've also got some polling that confirms Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas is attractive, or that there was parity in Saturday's Clemson-Georgia Tech game, or that monkeys might fly out of our butts.

Thankfully here in South Carolina - which aside from the impending disaster up in the Fifth District has been spared the "Mehlman treatment" - voter enthusiasm among Republicans actually is high.

That's because our state's GOP candidates aren't following the RNC's "Nancy Pelosi-Immigration-War on Terror" playbook, they're talking about taxes and spending and how we could benefit from both of them being lowered.

In fact, the two candidates who have honed this message most sharply - Gov. Mark Sanford and GOP Treasurer nominee Thomas Ravenel - are also the two S.C. Republicans with the most encouraging poll numbers.

So thanks but no thanks, Ken. With the notable exception of the one race your D.C. buffoons came down to "manage," Republicans in South Carolina appear to be in pretty good shape for the fall.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I agree with much of what he has to say in that here are two very important factors at play, which can be only proven (or not) AFTER Nov 7th:

1. The “main stream media” exists apart from the average American, more so today than ever. If you listen to it, you are so depressed you don’t vote or care, or you are already a democrat. I think this will effect both sides…and the most committed side wins. In the off year election win is a relative term and I suspect the nationwide results will not be nearly as dire as people think. Conservatives are committed people, regardless of what the NY Times says.
2. Polls are becoming useless. There is more and more resistance to participating in them by the public, and the people paid to conduct the polls are less and less reputable. All in all…take them with a grain of dirty salt.

So…this genius predicts a race on the national level to be far less lopsided than most believe, and that it will be an election that will radically alter the way we look at traditional models of electioneering.

PS…and you can never forget it comes down to betting on one of two horses…Karl Rove or Howard Dean. EEEErrrrraaaaahhhhhhhhhh

9:04 AM

Blogger Earl Capps said...

Will, I appreciate the thoughts you have opted to share with us, about your concerns on how the national GOP is running things, contrasted against how South Carolina Republican candidates are doing.

Having considered what you have presented, I will offer this one thought:


2:04 PM


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