Thursday, October 05, 2006

Sex, Lies and Text Messages, Etc.

One of FITS favorite bloggers, Washington Post reporter Chris Cillizza, has an excellent post today on the Mark Foley sex scandal that's literally consumed American politics these days.

Rather than focusing on the sordid details surrounding Foley's sudden fall from grace, Cillizza's post looks at the political ramifications - specifically comparing the situation currently faced by House Speaker Dennis Hastert to the furor that surrounded former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott in 2002.

Those of us here in South Carolina need no refresher on Lott's remarks - they were made at a birthday party for one of our state's favorite sons, the late U.S. Senator Strom Thurmond.

Cillizza's blog raises a number of interesting parallels, though, so be sure to check it out if you're interested.


How do you say this guy's name anyway? Puh-TACK-ee? Pa-TOCK-ee?

Either way, it makes us want to order some lunch meat - which is a good thing.

As it turns out, the New York Governor is in the Palmetto State today, hanging out with former S.C. Gov. David Beasley and current GOP Treasurer nominee Thomas Ravenel, among other notables.

Unlike the overtly-fawning Mitt Romney and George Allen, Pataki seems to be flying mostly under the radar during his visits, focusing more on building relationships than nailing down the ever-mercurial early commitments.

Given that Allen's Presidential prospects are pretty much D.O.A. given his monkeying around in the Virginia Senate race, Pataki is one of several candidates who seem poised to fill the void.


We just wanted to say the name "Jim DeMint."

Mind you, we've got absolutely nothing to say about him today, good or bad, which makes today no different than most days here at FITS, or at any other news outlet in South Carolina, for that matter.

We just wanted to say his name, and now that we have, we feel a little more hopeful about the world for some reason.

Plus, it's just priceless to know that right now, somewhere in Washington, D.C. or Greenville, S.C. (or more likely, both), some bow-tie wearing poly-sci flunkie with a U.S. Senate pin on his lapel is running down the hallway to tell another bow-tie wearing poly-sci flunkie with a U.S. Senate pin on his lapel that we said "Jim DeMint."

Relax, guys.

You'll be snug under your blankets again soon, sipping from a glass of single malt Scotch watching The Rockford Files on DVD.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rockford Files is funny. They are in a Ben Folds Five song I think.

7:17 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, So I went to the press conference today at the Spinx with Weathers(it was actually a press conference for Weathers and the Gov.'s mainly Pataki... Not Ravenel). It went well I guess but I did have a little problem with something Pataki may be a little confused about. He said that it only costs about $70.00 to change a 100% petro vehichle into an E-85 cappable vehichle. This is not true. It's a little more complicated than that Pataki. And even if one would make the switch in the way that Pataki suggested the fuel emmissions on the vehichle will drastically increase polution. Now I say all this to say that Pataki shouldn't be doing presidential stumping about something he clearly knows nothing about unless of course he's taking a play from the Ravenel playbook "Fake it till you make it."

10:36 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some important notes...

1) We don't have to be reminded of Lott's comments. To paraphrase Gretchen Wilson, we were there for the party.
2) Bow-ties simply mean we're tired of ruining our long ties by constantly dropping stuff on them.
3) We're not the Scotch drinkers. We just conned them into taking the "sloppy seconds" barrels from our small batch bourbons.
4) It's not "The Rockford Files." It's "Magnum P.I."

8:29 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wil, Republicans transgressed far less than Nancy Pelosi, Bill and/or Hilary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, et al have done the honorable thing and resigned. Is there a pattern here?

3:31 PM


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