Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Still Waiting, Drew

One day later, Drew Theodore's campaign has yet to present any evidence supporting the candidate's claim that Will Folks "attacked his family" and "attacked his father," either here on FITS or anywhere else for that matter.

Theodore's assertion, made during Monday night's Comptroller General debate, has since been picked up by dozens of news outlets across the state, including an editorial in this morning's Sun News.

We'll be the first to admit it's easy to hate Will.

In fact, Heather S. finds him positively intolerable prior to his daily Blended Venti Mocha Frappucino (with the chocolate drizzle) treat from Starbuck's. We're pretty sure David Wilkins, Dan Cooper, Hugh Leatherman, Bobby Harrell and John Rainey aren't big fans, either, to say nothing of Greg and Betty Ryberg. Apparently, Will's mother still loves him, but based on our conversations around town the circle of trust doesn't extend that much further.

Accordingly, it's completely natural to assume that any nefarious and diabolical accusation made against Will must be the truth, which is precisely why Drew Theodore said what he did in Monday's debate.

There's just one small problem.

It's not true.

We've scoured this blog from top to bottom and there's absolutely nothing - zero, zip, zilch, nada - that we've written about either Theodore's family or his father.

Now FITS has suggested that Theodore himself bears an uncanny resemblance to actor Chris Sarandon (pictured above). And we've also had a lot of fun with his strange (and since-removed) posts from several automotive blogs. We may have even slipped up every once in awhile and called him a "liberal" or a "Democrat."

But attacking his family? Attacking his father? Please.

So once again, in the interests of fairness, we're asking Drew Theodore to prove the claim he made in Monday's debate. If he can't, he needs to admit that the statement was untrue and apologize.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you said he was scoping the automotive blog for women looking to cheat on their husbands.

11:55 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I suspect Forrest Gump, I mean Drew Theodore, has yet to find the way to his home so that he can gather his file of “super secret incriminating evidence” against Eckstrom, Folks and whoever else he claims is engaged in the “public attacks” against his family and him.

It was a cheap parting shot on a statewide TV program…and he suffers nothing for it. I suspect tomorrows Scoppe article will show her undying affection for Forrest, and continue her Eckstom bashing. But that matters not, as many people saw the pitiful performance and the State Newspaper is not needed to tell us what we saw.

12:33 PM

Blogger faithinsound said...

we did say that ... and based on the evidence we've seen that's a reasonable conclusion.

either way, though, that is a comment about drew theodore, not his father or another member of his family.

please, show us specifically where we've said anything attacking his father or any other member of Drew's family.


12:39 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Working class South Carolinians are not likely to take to a man that spends more on exotic cars than they do on food, clothing and entertainment.

His postings on the internet…something to the effect of “lets have a party with the loose women (Audi women) and leave our wives at home” is also one of those little tidbits of information the average voters does not like. Hiding the postings is even worse…dumb and crooked is a bad combo.

Theodore is toast…he is done. Even tomorrows fawning (surely it must be!!) column by Cindy Ross Scoppe can’t help Theodore…the word is out on Drew…and the word is he is an idiot.

PS>>.Thanks goodness Daddy had a business for Drew…otherwise there would be one more homeless guy in Cola…

12:42 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I will say that Theodore hasn't been touting the whole "Eckstrom should pay back the $57,500 the state had to pay to settle his sexual harassment suit" card that Grady Patterson did. His thing about the car was more recent and more legit. Even if the state has to pay out dozens of settlements because of inappropriate actions Eckstrom with women that doesn't speak to his fitness to do the job or protect taxpayer money. The car thing, while costing the state considerably less, was more on point toward the protecting against government waste issue. Basically while he mentioned it in passing, had Theodore wanted to throw a real broadside he could have explicitly mentioned this and used the same one liners that Patterson did successfully use in regaining his treasures seat against Eckstrom regarding these issues.

6:24 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Theodore is the Millie Vanillie of 2006…nice to look at but as soon as he opens his mouth you know it just ain’t gonna work out.

8:46 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Even if the state has to pay out dozens of settlements because of inappropriate actions Eckstrom with women that doesn't speak to his fitness to do the job or protect taxpayer money. The car thing, while costing the state considerably less, was more on point toward the protecting against government waste issue."

So you would regard paying off female state employees that have been the victims of sexual harassment as a wise investment of taxpayer dollars . . .? And of course waste of taxpayer dollars is the most important thing to consider in weighing the two issues . . . ?

9:31 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

To respond to your repeated post about the same item concerning Mr. Eckstom…

One…it was a long time ago and I don’t see it as relevant now. He has been elected to statewide office since then, so as I see it, the voters have spoken on that matter.

Two…as I remember it was an unsubstantiated claim, and it was settled as a matter of convenience and economics.

Three…I have 30 years as a business owner…and claims like this can be made at anytime by anyone. And sadly, many are settled without respect to the merits.

I am not all that invested in this race, so I apologize if I have come off as partisan or as an insider. My comments were prompted by what I saw as an unbelievably poor debate performance by Drew Theodore…and by Mr. Theodore’s propensity for negative campaigning in what seems a juvenile manner.

10:05 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah the whole thing about Eckstrom higher a guy who had been convicted of Criminal Domestic Violence to do negative attacks against him??? I think Theodore was just making that up. It was a real cheap shot.

12:43 AM

Anonymous west_rhino said...

Most of the anonymous crap is gutless, like having one's own posts about "leaving the spouses behind" pulled from a blog.

Charachter wise, I seen a Prince Humperdink, er Drew Theodore that has shown some of the aspects the left has chosen to slur Lt Col Oliver North, though Prince Humperdink used a few keystrokes rather than a paper shredder.

PS Wil, Buttercup is miffed with having to look at Humperdink's picture on your site.

9:45 PM

Blogger Brian McCarty said...

I made the claims against Nick Theodore and stand by them. My blog has had some rather interesting attack posts since I addressed that. Check it out Will.

8:57 AM

Anonymous west_rhino said...

And despite all of Daddys Dilletente Drew's platitudes uncovered, the Frabduous Bandysnatch's Sith masters endorse Humperdink, because apparently he's passionate, though they don't differentiate between a passion to serve and a passion to "chase some strange" in a Porsche.

It is a shame that Drew doesn't try using an El Camino with astroturf in the bed for his wenching endeavours, it would be as folksy in the "armpit" as Slick Willy in Little Rock.

10:35 AM


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