Wednesday, October 18, 2006

That's The Way You Do It ...

There's a compelling new radio ad poised to hit the South Carolina airwaves this week from a group called No Home Tax.

In case you've never heard of them before, No Home Tax is a grassroots property tax relief group that started making a name for itself during this year's legislative session.

The group's new ad isn't for any specific candidate, it's in support of the November 7 statewide ballot referendum to cap property tax reassessments at 15% (Question 4).

Yeah, we didn't know it was on the ballot until now either.

The ad, which you can listen to here, is a clever dramatization of a phone call between a property owner and a local auditor - shortly after reassessment notices were mailed out.

Sound familiar? It's supposed to.

FITS has since learned that the ad was produced by none other than former Sanford Communications Director (and avid Peter Cetera fan) Chris Drummond, the man most directly responsible for the stratospheric approval ratings the governor enjoyed during his first two years in office.

Since Drummond doesn't like to brag on himself (unlike our boy Sic Willie or current Sanford blabber Joel Sawyer), we figured we'd show him a little love for an ad well done.

Nice work, Chris!

Hopefully your ad buy will include plenty of airtime on all your favorite easy listening stations ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this the same perrson that our Governor placed into the S.C. ETV Board?

4:01 PM

Blogger Bill Smith said...

The ad is excellent. One teeny-tiny quibble I have is at the end when the exasperated taxpayer calls the operator "Lady." Doesn't seem very Sandlapper to me--wouldn't "Ma'am" represent our fair Palmetto state more accurately?

The other 99.99% of the ad is, you know, awesome.

4:09 PM


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