Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What's Up With Sanford, Burroughs & Chapin?

We here at FITS used to love Burroughs & Chapin, the Myrtle Beach real estate conglomerate that, well, owns the Grand Strand for all intents and purposes.

Of course that was before they tore down our favorite mini-golf course - the Jungle Caverns on Kings Highway - to build a bunch of condos.

Bad move, B&C.

Now it appears as if Burroughs & Chapin is backing Tommy Moore in the upcoming gubernatorial race.

Another bad move, in our opinion.

How do we know this is true?

Well, it turns out "Republicans for Tommy Moore" 4X8 signs (complete with the GOP logo) have been popping up by the dozen all along heavily-populated areas on the Grand Strand - and that the overwhelming majority of these signs have been placed on property owned by Burroughs & Chapin.

And what about Sanford signs?

Two sources have independently confirmed to FITS that Burroughs & Chapin specifically refused to allow Sanford for Governor signs on its property. One even indicated that First Lady Jenny Sanford asked Burroughs & Chapin to allow her husband's signs on its properties and was rebuffed.

Hmmm ...

So what, exactly, does Burroughs & Chapin have against Gov. Mark Sanford?

It's hard to say. Sanford has, after all, been one of the most aggressive governors in South Carolina history in terms of promoting our state's $15 billion a year tourism industry, and he even named one of the Strand's favorite sons (Chad Prosser) to lead the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism.

Sanford has also gone to unprecendented lengths to involve coastal municipalities in his hurricane preparation and evacuation planning, which paid big dividends when his Department of Public Safety expertly managed a limited evacuation of the Strand two years ago.

So what gives with Burroughs & Chapin? Why are they permitting "Republicans for Moore" to blanket their properties with signs while refusing to allow the governor's campaign to do the same?

Maybe reporters Zane Wilson or Travis Tritten at The Sun News will do some digging and we can find out.

One Republican who is benefitting from the massive visibility afforded by placing signs on B&C property is none other that State Rep. Tracy Edge. In fact, if signs on land owned by Burroughs & Chapin were the sole indicator, you'd think Moore and Edge were running on a ticket (see one of many examples of the Moore-Edge sign clustering in the photo above).

Of course Edge is employed by B&C, so it's not surprising he's using his connections there to get dozens of signs placed in high-traffic areas. What is surprising is that most of these signs - as the photo above indicates - are right next to Republicans for Tommy Moore signs.

Not exactly the best placement plan for someone who claims to be a Sanford supporter.

B&C is by far and away the Strand's most influential corporate concern. They basically own the coast and are very aggressive politically.

Siding with Moore at this late stage of the game, however, would seem to represent a rare error in political judgment on the company's part - if that's indeed what's happening here.

Sanford's campaign is on cruise control, with $3 million in the bank heading into the final two weeks of the campaign.

What's the point of B&C alienating a governor who's clearly going to be around for another four years? Not to mention one who has treated the coast pretty well all things considered?

Burroughs & Chapin could score some easy points here by allowing Sanford signs on its property (to go with the Moore-Edge barrage).

Oh, and while they're at it, they could bring back our beloved mini-golf course.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those Republicans for Tommy Moore signs are going up in the Upstate too. I'm one of those fighting the good fight for Sen. Moore, but I think it may be too late.

12:11 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

1) You may question if Prosser is a favorite of B&C, of the coast maybe, but B&C, I don't think so.

2) Saford also tried to ruin the last weeks of summer last year by trying to issue a mandatory evacuation, only to be slowed by local officials

3) Ever noticed who owns most of the billboards in Horry County--you guessed it B&C.

Just a side note B&C isn't the group redeveloping Jungle Caverns, so at least you can point that anger elsewhere!!!j/k

1:55 PM

Blogger Mike Reino said...

The tie in is with your favorite Liliputian RINO, Hugh Leatherman. Word is Baby New Year is very tight with Edgerton Burroughs. Remember also that Burroughs has a partnership in a Conway real estate deal with Jim Clyburn - the one that got Jim in trouble 2 years ago for not filing the deal in his disclosure statement. With friends like that, it's no wonder he might think of Sanford that way. I still have no idea why Horry County hates Mark so much.

3:38 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look quick at the sign...isn't this kinda' POLITICAL IDENTIFICATION THEFT?

Can you spell bait and switch? I mean, if you put up tons of 4x8 road signs with the Republican logo, and it says Moore/Governor/Republicans some of our more 'uninformed new voters' may just think that Tommy Moore is the Republican Candidate!

How would they know any different? How would the average since 2002 Republican voter not know that Tommy Moore is not the Republican candidate. I mean there are people our there who are new to the state, especially along the coast.

Tommy Moore: He's the only candidate with his name, the party affiliation of Republican and Governor on the same sign.

Sounds Republican to me at 55 mph on a busy Grand Strand highway....hmmmm?

9:12 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Earn points with whom? Republican hacks at FITS? Hardly worth the trouble.

9:22 PM

Blogger SC-Conservative said...

If you were to look at Finance reports http://followthemoney.org/database/SideContributor.phtml?si=200640 you would notice that Burroughs and Chapin has given most heavily to Mike Campbell and Tommy Moore. They also gave a healthy contribution to Frank Willis. Sanford is about the only Republican B and C has not contributed towards.

12:14 AM

Anonymous Horry GOP said...

Obviously another post to try to elect your war hero hottie Katherine Jenerette,to the Senate. By the way, Edge has no signs on Burroughs and Chapin property, because they don't own any land in his district.

8:07 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will: B and C executives have hosted fundraisers for Sanford at Grande Dunes and Pine Lakes since 02. If you check Sanfords disclosures you will see that all of B and C's execs have contribited thousands to Sanford including Wendel, Edge, and Burroughs. Explain that!!

8:32 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all, B&C is an evil, evil corporation (and not so smart given they cannot tell swampland from land that should be developed).

Secondly, Sanfraud may, himself, be the antichrist.

9:46 AM

Blogger The Body Politic - Joshua Gross said...

Actually, the information that I have is that Jakie's the one running these signs through the state...

9:56 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am surprised you don't know this: Jungle Caverns was also formerly known as Hawaiian Caverns. I believe that was owned by Burroughs-Chapin.

10:53 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

To SC conservative:

You are mistaken or probably don't know who to search, but the company has hosted two events for Sanford that raised over $225,000. The always raised money for Sanford when he was in Congress. However, a lot of wealthy business owners have turned on Sanford in Horry.

To anon that said they are evil: You are probably the type that worships butterflies or prays to snakes, because it is not an evil corporation. You probably are jealous at their success, and if you don't like them then they problably don't care one little bit. Go hug a tree.

11:19 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

damn the people that tear down the icon like the pavillion...bust most importantly what will happen to The Bowery and Peaches Corner, will they meet their demise due to the B&C bulldzoing machine...say it ain't so....

11:30 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will you are showing once again how far you will stretch the truth to help one of your clients (Katherine Jenerette). How long until we find out you are being paid by her?

Your tmie will come in Horry County soon Will. Every body who does not already know about your closeness to the Natalie-Thad Viers situation will know of it before long.

Katherine Jenerette will then drop you lkie a bad habit and distance herself from you publicly like every one else you have ever worked for in your life.

12:53 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What does Will have to do with Viers and his wife?

2:22 PM

Blogger SC-Conservative said...

Anonymous, I simply provided a link (an officiall link) that showed that B and C definitely support liberal Tommy Moore over Sanford, especially in the fundraising category.
I have said that only the choices in this race have made me support Sanford's re-election. The facts show that B and C are no longer supporters of Sanford. During the course of campaigns, many people or companies decide to switch sides for unknown and often times stupid reasons.

3:35 AM

Anonymous Lexington GOP said...

Mr Folks:

Why do you constantly like to pick on Tracy Edge. After all he has been the leader on school choice, medicaid reform, and property rights. All of which are Sanford's key initiatives. He is probably the best ally of the Sanford agenda in the House as well as being a leading Sanford and Demint fundraiser. What gives?

8:25 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

B&C have never been with the goveror

12:13 AM

Anonymous Burroughs and Chapin Insider said...

To the anon about B and C:

Oct 02 B and C CEO Wendel and company execs raised $185,000 thousand at Grand Dunes.
Feb 04 Wendel raised $45,000 at Pine Lakes.
B and C was with Sanford so your claim that they have never been is wrong. However that company and many other Horry area leaders now support Moore because of actions by Sanford they see as not good for Myrtle Beach.

So, To sum up, They have been with Sanford and are not now. So what? Why does any one care? Does anyone know where the Mungo Company or Blue Cross is? Nobody cares.
But I can tell you that no other company has raised as much money for the House and Senate Republican Caucus, Senators Graham and Denint as Wendel and Tracy Edge have. Bottom line is that they are a Republican Company but there is some difference with Sanford. On the other hand Tracy Edge is perhaps Sanfords biggest ally and backer of Sanford's legislative initiatives.

11:08 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

B&C supported Peeler in 02. When he lost they helped with a Sanford fundraiser and then had their venders do an even bigger one for Hodges a couple of weeks later. In 04 they did a small one of their own, but their support was minimal when other business leaders did a major fundraiser for Sanford. Sanford has been good for Myrtle Beach and for that matter good for B&C. Their pockets are just not being lined directly enough by the State to suit them. B&C is on a vendetta over the veto of the "international trade center" which would have brought about 6 million to them while ignoring the fact that the infrastructure bank chairman appointed by Sanford has brought tens of millions of desparately needed roads and bridges to Myrtle Beach (but not directly to them). Did anyone notice that the Time Magazine attack on Sanford made specific reference to business leaders being upset about the veto of an international trade center? There isn't another business leader in the state that gave a flip about that veto. They also own most of the bill boards in that town and were not to happy with that veto either. They are against anyone they do not control. All but the most purely selfserving business leaders in Myrtle Beach still support Sanford as evidenced by the fact that Sanford out raised Moore 2 to 1 in that area despite all of B&Cs efforts to the contrary. B&C are the ultimate political whores. I agree that no company has raised more for the House and Senate Republican Caucus. Then again no company has probably raised as much as them for the House and Senate Democratic Caucus either. They and a few other Myrtle Beach business leaders now support Moore because of actions by Sanford they see as not good for their own personal pockets. They may have pushed to far on this one as they already had their hand picked hack for county council loose to Liz Gilland who was outspent about 20 to 1. Then again, why should they worry. It's still a legislative state and they will own Senator Moore in addition to Leatherman, Rankin,and Elliot.

11:42 PM

Anonymous Myrtle Beach Insider said...

The long anon above sounds like Dr. Molnar or if not some other Sanford kool aid drinker that wants ALL CREDIT for helping Sanford but hardly ever help with Horry GOP House (Clemmons or Edge) or Senate campaigns (Jenerette). Must say that Molnar helped Dr. Crawford in a huge way but doesn;t believe Clemmons or others need much help because there just is not enough glory in helping little foot soldier HOuse or Senate (Jenerette) candidates.

True, B and C supported Peeler ONLY because they committed to Peeler early and Sanford did not get into the race until late. They honored their Peeler commitment and then Sanford calls Wendel pleading for help. The 200 thousand Wendel raised at Grande Dunes, was not not merely "HELPED" as stated above. And NO they DID NOT have one for Hodges two weeks later. Also they do not raise money for the Democratic caucuses, contribute maybe but don't raise money.

Correction to anon above: the trade center veto meant nothing because all vetos have been overridden. Plus the money was for the city of MB, not B/C, they already have theirs from the city of MB. Also Sanford voted againt money on the Budget and Control Board for Myrtle Beach BUT voted for 7 Million for Greenville. Don't believe: check the minutes from the meeting.

Let me say that I support Sanford for statewide reasons, but he has done little for Myrtle Beach. Among many he has vetoed: Beach renourishment money that Edge oversees, Vetoed money for CCU and H-G Tec, worked HARD (with Prosser) to stop the new destination marketing fund set up this year (but then claimed credit for it), cut by executive privalige with Prosser money for MB Chamber and Golf Holiday two years ago, on and on. Oh, if this is Molnar above tort reform was heading to the finish line when Sanford got on board.

Don Leonard has ony presided over the approval of 56 million dollars of Infrastructure Bank money for Horry. The other 750 million came from Champ Covington and Morgan Martin, Mark Kelley and Tracy Edge. You may give Leonard a pat on the back, but the bulk of Horry's roads built lately were before Sanford and Leonard and because of Horry's delegation's work and Martin's, not Don Leonard(another who want do jack for local candidates).

Back to Burroughs and Chapin: They did as was said a small event in 04, again at Sanfords request. GLORY SEEKERS like Molnar, Leonard, Carter ect would not assist with because they wanted glory for doing their own gig. Isn't it interesting that these Sanford butt kissers like those mentioned never raise money for Graham, Demint, Henry Brown, or other local Republicans. Again if they can't get the glory then they don't do it, At least B-C recognizes that their are other Republicans and always help. B-C has raised over 500 thousand in the past 4 years for Graham and 400 thousand for Demint. If some of you who think you are "Mark's best Buddy" would help get in the trenches and raise money down the ticket then maybe some of Sanfords policy goals could be achieved.

Bottom line here is that it is a legislative state and Sanford can't get anything done unless he tries to work with people. Maybe the people you call whores have legitimate concerns for not supporting sanford. I bet if Leonard and Molnar and Carter had not gotten their precious appointments from the Guv they would not be on the team either. Vernie Dove sure is not , case in point. B and C might not be under the Sanford tent but at least they help the Party and its other candidates. More than I can say for the glory seeking "I'm Marks's best Friend crowd" who helps no one else. As I said I support sanford, but I see that he ain't God and I see his faults. And by the way, B-C does not own MOST of the billboards in town, NEXT MEDIA and Clear Channel do. So get your facts right and your history correct next time. So long DOC, now go help Sanford put aanother million in the bank, and forget the little people again under him on the ballot.

12:02 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the anon that stars with Burroughs and Chapin supporting Peeler. That is correct but after that you are wrong about everything.

12:04 AM

Anonymous Wayne Aiken said...

Here's probably the only, and last tribute to the Hawaiian Caverns miniature golf course:
Hawaiian Caverns page
I don't think this was ever owned by B&C; it was bought by Bob Detwiler in 1997, he owns Hawaiian Rumble and Hawaiian Village in Windy Hill.

9:39 PM


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