Saturday, November 25, 2006


The last time South Carolina beat Clemson, Jim Hodges was governor, there was no war in Iraq and Steve Spurrier was still coaching at Florida.

Five years of futility finally ended this afternoon at Death Valley, where Spurrier's Gamecocks scored the final 17 points of the game against their archrival to escape with a 31-28 victory.

Much to our surprise, South Carolina was clearly the better football team today - gaining nearly 500 yards in total offense while holding Clemson's potent offensive machine to a single second-half score.

But even these impressive, gut-check performances on both sides of the ball almost weren't enough, as the bad breaks and inopportune bounces that have plagued USC all year looked ready to do the Gamecocks in yet again.

Tennessee. Arkansas. Florida. Take away a bad tip in each of those games and Carolina is 10-2 right now - not 7-5.

But finally, something went right for USC.

Most college football fans have butterflies in their stomachs during the final few minutes of a close football game. Not us. As lifelong Gamecock fans, we know it's usually only a question of how South Carolina ends up snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, not if.

In a season where every key break went the other team's way, South Carolina finally relocated its "Mojo" Saturday when Jad Dean's 39-yard field goal attempt sailed "Wide Left." Less than an hour earlier, trailing by two touchdowns, Carolina got another huge break when a generous official's spotting of the football gave Spurrier's offense a first down on a crucial fourth down conversion attempt.

Did the Gamecocks actually make it past the marker on that play?

We'll just say they got a Nell Carter-sized break.

The most encouraging thing about today's big win, however, didn't take place on the field. It took place during Spurrier's post-game interviews. The Ol' Ballcoach talked about the future of the program, and of his being a part of it, which is what you want to hear out of a coach who has been linked to one of the most attractive job openings in all of college football at Miami.

For today, though, we're just thankful that the Clemson skid is snapped and Carolina caught a break ... finally.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And how is this Katon's fault?

9:58 PM

Anonymous Tim Cameron said...

This is the start of an era Clemsons fans are not going to like. Its going to be alot like when the Dems finally lost power in S.C. This is going to last as long as Ole' Ball Coach is at the helm. USC's recruiting class is going to be top ten in the nation, after tonight Clemson will be lucky to break the top 25. And I wonder how many of those potential Clemson recruits are giving a second thought as to which school to attend next year. I'm sure Clemson fans are going to try and say historical they have won more games. I like to remind them that since Reconstruction the Dems won more race than the GOP, but today victory is a distant memory for them.

12:16 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is amazing what Blake Mitchell can do when he is not drinking, whoring and smoking ciggys till 3 in the morning. Can u imagine what our record would be had he kept an athletes schedule and not a pimps?

By the way...why is it that college coaches can't require decent off field behavior from student athletes?

Go cocks...

9:14 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Short of jerking a players chain for an arrest, thers appear to be some snivel liberties issues for all of the state schools except The Citadel. Face it, Blale Mitchell isn't Alan Mitchell and neither one is Syvelle Newton or Steve Tanneyhill.

Now as to the how the game was lost, the hand of God guided that kick, as it did a deflected kick in the Swamp...

As to Tammy Bowden, we hear that there is a vacancy in Miami....

9:45 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last anon sounds like a Clemson fan, wonder how fast that bumper sticker and magnet came of the truck?

10:40 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's "off" the truck, not "of" the truck.. Gamecock.

And where do you get anon no. 3 sounding like a Clem fan?

This is why we lost: Tommy Bowden with a hint of that joke for a quarterback, Will Proctor.

This is why we like that: Tommy doesn't get his $20,000 bonus for winning more than 8 wins.

I heard Alabama is trying to get Bowden. Any thoughts, Will? Mine are: Take him. Now. Please.

12:05 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjoy it and savor it chickens. Your team earned it! It does not happen often so you have to make the best of it!

Oh and Time, please save us the "future is bright" BS.

We've heard it all before. Yes USuC is on a rising swing only to again fall off the cliff within a few years. You just wait and see.

12:46 PM


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