Monday, November 20, 2006

Floyd Conceding Superintendent's Race

Republican Karen Floyd will concede the State Superintendent of Education race to Democrat Jim Rex at a press conference tomorrow in Spartanburg, sources tell FITS.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope you are right fitsy ladies. I think it is very big of a person to concede a close election. There is nothing wrong with waiting for all the votes to come in, and nothing wrong with waiting on a recount if one is mandated or calling for it if it is close. But outside of egregious examples of voter fraud et cetera it is usually in every one's best interest to concede close races. I commend George Allen, Floyd, Conrad Burns, Barber and others for doing this because it is good for our democracy (though I still want a paper ballot receipt!) None the less, despite not liking her politics, bravo to Mrs. Floyd this is very big of her is she does.

9:44 PM

Blogger SCPolitico said...

A very sad four years for SC children.

10:28 PM

Anonymous tammy said...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with waiting for all the votes to come in fair and square and if Floyd feels like there are votes to be protested...then I hope she would protest them. Folks were screaming bloody murder in regard to voter fraud in the 2004 election and if I remember correctly there were many saying they should shut the hell up.

Although I haven't heard cries of voter fraud today, I didn't think that an election should so easily be given up then nor do I now.

SCPOLI, a sad four years for SC children? wtFUc*? it's been a sad 200+ years for SC children. Glad to see you're worried about the next 4. good god and we wonder why we are in the shape we are.

11:44 PM

Anonymous alexstroman said...

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