Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Jim DeMint To The Rescue

It may just be us, but we think this picture of U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint looks eerily similar to the fictional televangelist Jimmy Lee Farnsworth from the 1989 movie Fletch Lives.

Those of you who have seen the movie, be honest - the thought of Jim DeMint saying "Demons, Be Gone!" while giving personal tours of Bibleland from his golf cart really isn't all that far-fetched, is it?

Anyway, Sen. DeMint's latest big idea is the Secure Port Workforce Act, a bill that would prevent murderers and other serious felons from working at America's ports.

According to DeMint's press release:
A serious felon is a prime target for those trying to smuggle a nuclear device or chemical weapon into our country. Trusting convicted murderers and weapons smugglers with secure access to our ports allows the fox to guard the henhouse and this legislation will put a stop to it.
What can we say? This idea - like anything that pops into Jim DeMint's head - is pure genius, right down to the creative "fox guarding the henhouse" metaphor. Seriously, that's a really unique way to describe the recent rash of murderers and weapons smugglers who have been granted secure access to our ports. Yesterday we were literally sweating bullets over this one, but now that Jim DeMint is on top of things we may be able to get some sleep tonight.

Sen. DeMint's release continues:

Joseph Billy Jr., the FBI’s top counterterrorism official, commented that the FBI is “continuing to look for a nexus,” between organized crime and terrorists and that they are looking at this very aggressively.
Again, we applaud Jim DeMint for flapping his gums about the work of other people who are not only continuing to look for a nexus, but who are in fact continuing to look for a nexus "very aggressively." Our only concern? DeMint probably could have chosen someone better than Joseph Billy, Jr., to quote in his press release.

Why? He's got two first names, and people find it extremely hard to trust people who have two first names.

Think we're crazy? Just ask Karen Floyd and Drew Theodore how crazy we are, friends.


Anonymous Tim said...

The scary thing is that somewhere there is a Joseph Billy, Sr.

8:58 AM

Anonymous The Shot said...

Hey Sic Willie - The Shot got a facelift. Check it out. http://www.adailyshot.com/

1:47 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Revered Jimmy DeMint Farnsworth. Funny FITS.

2:57 PM

Anonymous Frank the tank said...

Over the past 2 years I have often pondered what did we do to deserve Jim " the idiot" DeMint as our senator. The few times that I have seen him on c-span he looks out of his element. This guy is a joke,
T-Rav should wait and run against him again, he has my vote.

4:16 PM

Blogger swampfox said...


Whether you like him or not, Jim DeMint best represents the values of a majority of South Carolinians...and he's not afraid to speak his mind, even when it's unpopular with the mainstream media. He doesn't pander to reporters like Graham. You have to respect that.

Values-driven leaders like DeMint, (and not wishy-washy media hounds like the McCain/Graham crowd), hold the key to the Republican Party's electoral future.

4:30 PM

Blogger faithinsound said...


Whoa, there. We'd advise you to be very careful right now. Seriously, we're not kidding. Calm down, relax and take a couple deep breaths.

Honestly, if you Jim DeMint people keep taking yourselves so seriously all the time your heads are going to friggin' explode.


4:52 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That post is hysterical about DeMint.
I am sure the Demint much to important than they are staff is scratching their heads about how mean and hateful you are Sic Willie - keep up the good work

5:03 PM

Blogger swampfox said...

Sic Willie,

My previous comment was directed more toward Frank the Tank. As someone who frequently reads your blog, I can affirm that your posts certainly live up to the description "... IRREVERENCE, INSTITUTIONALIZED ..." In fact, this mixture of sarcastic wit and good-natured political jabs (as well as the frequent updates) makes FITS the most entertaining political blog in the Palmetto State.

However, Frank the Tank's description of Jim DeMint as "the idiot" was neither humorous nor witty. Simply misinformed.

And, just for the record, I don't work for Jim DeMint as another anonymous commenter suggested. (LOL...As if Jim DeMint's only vocal supporters were those receiving a paycheck from his office. Wishful thinking, RINOs.)

7:53 PM

Blogger faithinsound said...

Ah, Swampfox. Flattery will get you everywhere.

And the all the FITS girls go "Do-de-do-de-do-do-do-do-dum-de-do-de-do-de-do-do-do-dum ..."

Sen. DeMint is not an idiot, you are correct. And we happen to like his voting record for the most part.

Anyway thanks for the compliments!


9:16 PM

Anonymous Frank the Tank said...

In my opinion (key word), Jim DeMint is a "rubber stamp" for the Bush administration.I personally like the reformist, social moderate, fiscally conservative tones brought to the party by Graham, McCain and Sanford. Moreover, I am not alone in my views as evident in last Tues. elections. Speak his mind, when?? I find Graham more outspoken and willing to take political risk than DeMint.Exactly what South Carolina values do you refer to? However, Swampfox i did vote for DeMint and not Inez. Take the advice of Sic Willie, and calm down or your head will "friggin' explode". Maybe calling DeMint an idiot was out of line, I am sorry Swampfox, but it is ok to disagree, after all this is America.

9:38 PM

Anonymous Frank the Tank said...

Sic Willie,
I am sorry for taking a low shot by calling DeMint an idiot, and causing so much controversy on your blog. I hope you and the girls can forgive me.

Frank the Tank

9:45 PM

Blogger swampfox said...


Let's do a little fact-checking...

~in 2006, Senator Graham voted in favor of an amnesty plan for 10.2 million illegal immigrants

~in 2006, he joined with Democrats in obstructing the confirmation of conservative judicial nominees (e.g. Jim Haynes)

~in 2006, he supported giving terrorists the right to trial with full disclosure of classified information against them as well as the list of intel agents who took part in their capture

Graham was exuberantly praised in the mainstream media for his "independent thinking" and for his boldness in taking a "political risk." But, let's be honest: Do you believe that the majority of South Carolinians share these views, particularly the ones that weaken America's national security?

I'm guessing no.

Just because Senator DeMint votes consistently in favor of conservative legislation doesn't make him a "rubber stamp." It makes him a...well...a true conservative.

P.S. Tank--I respect your opinion, but I also disagree with it. Please don't cry.

12:56 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I voted for Jim DeMint, and I'd do it again. As for DeMint working for Bush's agenda, I certainly hope so!

This means he's for lower taxes, economic growth and securing our borders. I happen to like Bush and his platform, and if DeMint wasn't supporting his agenda, I'd be very worried. Instead of listening to the media so much, why don't you try to hear both sides of a story?

Bush doesn't believe in politics, especially if congress(wo)men integrate it within legislation, or use politics to sway opinions about goverment matters.

If you want to read actual legislation about current policy concerning social, economic and defense issues, go to

If you like reading articles from 25-year-old, first year newspaper journalists, who haven't experienced life outside and internship, then believe the newspapers. There are only two kinds of journalists: those trying to make a reputation for themselves, and those whom already have one, but use it to become millionaires. (hands washing hands).

I prefer hearing facts come from the actual source: President of the United States (you know, the guy who actually sees and practices legislation on a daily basis).

And to think, Bush can do it without asserting to assumptions, predictions, or hiring political commentators/pundits (Democratic supporters)to make his paycheck --without publishing a tacky attack ad against his opponents; and, yes, Bush can exercise authority without first attaining permission to do his job -- he's actually a mature adult.

The media helped the Democrats by twisting facts and smearing the administration, just to gain power of the House and Senate.

Why would they do that? Ever hear of the adage:"You wash my hands and I'll wash yours?"

The Democrats can win with media support, and the media, in turn, gets continuous coverage -- no matter what the story -- to make millions of dollars each week with each new smear campaign the Dem's provide them.

For example, the Enquirer could write:"Abraham Lincoln had a twin sister who was married to Booth."

Of course, you wouldn't believe it, and you know it's totally ridiculous, but wouldn't you like to know how the story ended? After all, it's only fifty-cents, right?

The media manipulates people's minds for their own agenda: keeping Democrats in office. Most of the media belongs to a journalist union, umbrella'd under the United Auto Workers and AFL-CIO, who, in 2004, rallied behind Kerry for president!

Brainwashing the public is nothing new.
If editors keep publishing smear stories and people keep reading journalists swayed leftist views, and you believe these reporters took the special effort to provide credible information? They provided nothing current, nothing without assumptions, and always host shows with Democratic guests -- no, they aren't impartial, are they?

This is how the media makes big bucks. All the
Dem's had to do was start a few investigations, dig up a few scandal and keep repeating the stories all-year-long.

First, they'd implant the scam in voter's minds. The double incentive is they get to smear the administration in the media and all stay in the lime-light, all without spending one-red-cent on the actual campaign.

Real handy, wassn't it? Using taxpayers' dollars to rally against Republicans using Hitler-style tactics to win an election.
All Dem's had to do was cry wolf and inquiries soon followed; special oversight committees were formed, trails were scrutinized and officials "appearing" as criminals, even when they were found innocent. Then, the whistleblowing congressmen had conveniently receieved larger than life coverage from beginning to end -- a full six- months of free media coverage degrading the administration before a general election.

I said my piece. Thank you for reading my artcle. I hope it gets posted. People need to hear the uncensored truth.

1:04 AM

Anonymous Real Conservatives? said...

Who was the last amenesty passed under? Must have been some liberal harbinger of death. As a fiscal and governmental conservative I have no party anymore (Well at least the dems want to balance the budget?) Supporting this President Bush is NOT, repeat NOT, was being a conservative was all about 10 or even 5 years ago. I realize growing the government at such and alarming rate and outspending anything the Dems every dreamed of in terms of real dollars and percentages is fun, but it is not what real conservatives should be doing in my humble opinion. If DeMint supports all of Bush's policy then he won't get this true conservatives vote. Lastly, because Sen. like DeMint have NOT been doing their job of oversight of the executive branch, be it a Dem or a Repub - we have the issue we do now where enforcement of securing the boarder has fallen by a huge percentage under this administration even though the number of boarder patrol agents has gone up (more people doing LESS work - hmmm sounds like larger government with no benefit? but that is what no oversight leads to). The Senate is a seperate and co-equal branch, some one should tell DeMint that. Bush and DeMint SAY they want to secure the boarders but when it comes to doing don't have time. Neither is a real conservative, but both want the votes of such. DeMint has not bein doing his job, if he is what he claims to be.

10:50 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

do any of you work on the water front as i do? do you know who you need to pay off at this time to get a container load of weed off a ship?when the felons leave the water front,do you know how much weed will not get to the streets?his bill will get rid of the bad. please let and help it happen.

4:50 PM


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