Sunday, November 12, 2006

LT2 Killin' It For Sic Willie's Fantasy Football Squad

Okay, it's pretty obvious who's taken control of the blog this weekend ...

His name is Ladainian Tomlinson (a.k.a. "LT2"), the star running back for the San Diego Chargers who is single-handedly responsible for keeping Sic Willie's "No Corn, No Nuts" fantasy football franchise alive.

Anway, for the third time in four weeks, LT2 was responsible for four - count 'em, four - touchdowns in the Chargers' 49-41 win over the Cincinnati Bengals today, registering a total of 42 fantasy points.

It's also the third time in four weeks LT2 has broken the 40-point barrier, which is amazing considering that anything over 15 points is generally considered a solid fantasy outing for a running back.

"Yeah-ya, boy-eee," said Sic Willie. "That's my mo-fo."

EDITOR'S NOTE: Geez ... fantasy football, Kevin Federline and Espadrille articles. We promise we'll make our favorite bad boy start taking his Ritalin again.


Anonymous Jenny said...

You're the lucky one. My opponent had LT an killed me. Your boy Peyton needs to tell his little brother to pony up on the points. Stop crying about Amani "it's not a toomer" and start throwing to Plax. Fantasy football can certainly ruin a girl's mojo.

12:16 PM

Anonymous will folks said...

I know the feeling, Jenny. Unfortunately, LT2's big day was not enough for me as my opponent (our league leader) got breakout performances from Willie Parker and Donald Driver. It also didn't help that when faced with picking between the Eagles and Saints DST's, I chose New Orleans.

4:03 PM


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