Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Polls Have Closed

"The waiting is the hardest part."

-Tom Petty

Polls have closed across South Carolina, and now there's nothing to do but wait ...

Down in the Columbia Vista, the atmosphere is electric.

There are TV satellite trucks everywhere, and reporters. staffers and supporters are running around like crazy.

Nothing's left of Campaign 2006 but to watch as the results come in.

Good luck!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jim Harrison Wins re-election to House District 75!

9:29 PM

Blogger Rhodes Bailey said...

Tom Petty wouldn't ever vote for Sanford. Come to think of it, no rockers except Ted Nugent (and maybe Alice Cooper) vote for Republicans. I love it when the GOP or conservatives try and play "hip." Serious rebel wannabe complex in the Sanford camp.

12:55 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will, please refresh my memory here --- You were working for several Republican candidates --- names please?

7:32 AM


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