Monday, November 20, 2006

Romney's Backyard Problem

Earl Capps has an excellent blog post this morning hightlighting the not-so-great relationship between Gov. Mitt Romney and the Massachusetts GOP.

Apparently, after Romney won election four years ago he immediately started positioning himself for a Presidential run and basically let Bay State Republicans go hang themselves.

Sadly, that sounds entirely consistent with everything we've heard and seen thusfar from this central casting Presidential clown.

If we were producing a made-for-TV movie about a group of evil terrorists and wanted to include one of those scenes where the President is sitting at the end of a long table with a bunch of military people and says something like "You tell those bastards that America does not negotiate with terrorists," we might choose Romney.

But he'd get the part only if that was the President's sole line in the movie.

If it was a bigger part, we'd chose a real actor like Harrison Ford or Michael Douglas.

It continues to amaze us that so many South Carolinians are being duped by Romney's transparent candidacy. Of course now that he's hired Warren Tompkins, those roles are likely to be reversed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Romney will no doubt be one more carcus on the cow catcher of the straight talk express, and before anyone cries "plant" I am a democrat (still crestfallen by M. Waner exit from the race).

1:22 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Romney has been successful at every leadership role he has held. He's had success in the private sector, success leading the 02 olympics when the games were plaugued by scandal, and rescued the MA state gov. when it was severly in debt (he balenced the budget without raising taxes)MA is not conservative, they elected Romney because the state was in such a crisis they knew they had to elect a problem solver. The fact that everyone in MA hates Romney now will not be a bad thing for him.

Romney also will be second to none in money, organization, and is preparing to rip John McCain a new one

1:32 PM

Anonymous Frank the tank said...

I just heard about Myrtle Beach Representative Thad Viers entering a pre-trial intervention program. I was just curious as to your thoughts?

Frank the Tank

3:06 PM

Blogger faithinsound said...

Anon #2 - So Romney's going to "rip McCain a new one," eh? You mean the way you Tompkins flunkies ripped Mark Sanford a new one? Cause that worked out real well for you.

Tell you what, based on your boy's record of flip-flopping on every social conservative issue he's ever met, you might want to guard against getting impaled yourself before you start mouthing off (again) about what you're going to do to somebody else.

It really is no surprise you bromides haven't won a major race since Jim DeMint got Mark Sanford and Lindsey Graham to bail his ass out against Inez - something you guys were all poised to screw the pooch on as well, we might add, till somebody showed you how to do it.

You know, we'd ask how your statewide general election candidates did this year but since none of them made it out of the primary, guess we can't.

Frank the Tank - Let's keep it on subject here, bo-bo. We're not an orthodontist's receptionist in Cayce or a member of the TFC or one of the other seven people with no life who give a rat's rear end about what's going in Thad Viers' pointless and self-absorbed existence.

Both of you, enjoy your service.


3:32 PM

Blogger swampfox said...

If Romney's lack of party leadership in MA is indicative of future performance, conservative Republicans should start looking elsewhere. Unfortunately, this leaves something of a void since Giuliani and McCain are liberal-leaning and Condi has never run for elected office.

To whom can philosophical conservatives entrust their vote in the 2008 Republican primary?

Did someone say Bill Frist?

3:37 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Bill Frist preformance as Senate Majority Leader was probably the worst ever in the history of our nation. If he becomes the GOP candidate in 08 we might as well hand the dems the keys to the White House.

5:09 PM

Blogger SCPolitico said...

First sign Romney was history in SC, He hired TTS. I will give it to the TTS boys though and I certainly hope we see them all driving new cars soon.

6:13 PM

Blogger swampfox said...

Anon #3,

If Bill Frist's "preformance [sic] as Senate Majority Leader was probably the worst ever in the history of our nation" as you wrote, then it was primarily because of RINO, Democrat-appeasing obstructionists like John McCain and our very own Lindsey Graham.

Unlike McCain, Senator Frist has a solidly conservative voting record--especially on immigration, anti-terror measures, and Bush's judicial nominees.

If you really want to "hand the dems the keys to the White House," then you should vote for John McCain.

But I've got news for ya: Grassroots conservatives aren't buying McCain's "Vote-for-me-now-and-I'll-be-a-ronald-reagan-conservative" whitewash.

If not Frist, who else has name recognition and a strong conservative voting record?

7:27 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon #2, unfortunate fact of life is Romney Mormonism will kill him in the Republican party whose "base" it keeps trying to squeeze a few more votes out of has not been the mightily forgotten fiscal conservative, but rather evangelicals (and not evangelical Mormons mind you). Not to mention he is pro-choice, that'll help r-e-a-l well with the Republian base.

8:18 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think this is a non-story. MA is one of the most Democrat states in the country.

9:05 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is anon #2. I was reffering to the way John McCain was attacked in '00

and btw, Im just a Romney fan, I only know who tompkins is, never met the guy

10:53 PM


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