Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Sanford Reelected in Landslide

Gov. Mark Sanford won reelection tonight in a landslide, becoming only the third South Carolina governor in history to win a second term and the first since Carroll Campbell did it sixteen years ago.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The notion that Jake Knotts can influence elections in Lexington County has now been dispelled. Sanford polled 12,000 more votes in Lexington than did Tommy Moore. Moreover, Sanford polled 1,400 more votes in Lexington than did Jake's boy Andre' Bauer. Hmmmm.

MEMO to Jake: the election is over...you lost...the heart center was not needed...deal with it and switch to the Democrat Party where you belong!

1:52 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You need to check your facts on this. Mark Sanford is the third governor in SC history to win a second four-year term. Between 1868 and 1926, there were a number of governors who won second terms. Until 1926 the terms were for two years. From 1926 until 1982, governors were limited to one four-year term. Sanford is the third since then to win two terms.

8:12 PM

Blogger faithinsound said...

Anon #2-

We usually cringe when we read sentences that begin with "you need to check your facts on this" (after all we never know when John Rainey's going to put down the mint julip and indulge his twice-a-day blog habit) but this was a pleasant surprise.

Thanks for a genuinely enlightened comment, for a good history lesson and for not saying "This is history class!" in your comment.


11:32 PM


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