Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Spinning Kerry's "Joke Malfunction"

Former Democratic Party standard-bearer John Kerry has found himself in some hot water after making a joke that many interpreted as a slap against American military personnel serving in Iraq.

"You know, education, if you make the most of it, you study hard, you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq," Kerry told a California crowd on Monday.

The spin on this one is pretty simple: Republicans attack Kerry for saying our soldiers are stupid, Democrats attack Republicans for fighting a war they think is stupid.

Which spin you take depends on who you believe the joke was targeting. Was Kerry was cracking on our soldiers (as Republicans believe), our President (as Democrats insist) or both (as U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson has said)?

Of course, Wilson immediately put out a press release demanding that Kerry apologize, but then again Wilson immediately puts out a press release demanding an apology every time a Democrat opens his or her mouth, about anything.

The difference is that this time Wilson was joined (or rather eclipsed) by credible criticisms of Kerry's remarks coming from President Bush, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and basically every other Republican with a pulse. Bush even timed his criticism to coincide with the nightly news, and tipped off reporters that it was coming - a clear sign the GOP is looking to make Kerry's "joke malfunction" a bigger deal than it ordinarily might have been.

There's no doubt what Kerry said was incredibly stupid on multiple levels.

That stupidity was then compounded by a ridiculous news conference where Kerry sounded a lot like Justin Timberlake trying to explain what happened with Janet Jackson's bra during their Super Bowl duet.

But the fact that Republicans are treating the fallout over Kerry's "botched" joke like manna from heaven shows how desperate they are to get their core voters engaged in swing states.

We blogged recently about this dynamic, which was epitomized by Ken Mehlman's RNC recently reverting to the "Southern Strategy" in a Senate race in Tennessee - employing a less-than-deft and uniquely 20th Century method of campainging that basically consists of scaring white people silly.

Fortunately for Republicans here in South Carolina, the big-spending, race-baiting, agenda-deficient national GOP has kept its moronisitude out of our state. Well, with the exception of Ralph Norman's race, anyway.

Which effectively makes all of this a wash.

Just as the sordid details of the Foley page scandal didn't really do anything to hurt Palmetto State Republicans, it's doubtful Kerry's ill-conceived joke is going to do much to help them, unless of course you make your residence somewhere inside Joe Wilson's cerebellum.

The good news is that in about 120 hours, the people finally get a chance to speak for themselves.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Didn't your boss (Master Shealy) hire a black fisherman to run in a Republican Primary to scare white voters? Aren't you being hypocritical here?

9:42 PM

Blogger faithinsound said...

That is simply brilliant logic. How can we argue with such a sage comparison?

Yes, anon, from our middle school classrooms we indeed employed the Southern strategy exactly as you have spelled it out in a brazen and calculated effort to deceive the voters.

While we were there we also gave the Russians the bomb, plotted the JFK assassination, framed Roger Rabbit and shot a spitball across the room at Mrs. McDermott.

Oh, and we did far, far worse in grammar school.

Enjoy your service, moron.


10:52 PM

Anonymous west_rhino said...

gutless, wasn't the charge against Hot Rod that he paid the candidate's filing fee in person, rahter than the candiate?

Aren't you hypocritically spinning the facts here? Is John Kerry, as are many other Democrats, still bitter about losing in '04, despite selling out to Tehran?

Why are Senators Murtha and Clinton still demanding an expalantion of what the "C" student from Massachussetts thought he was doing?

And wil, you've got to concede that you only inherited the strategies from the American Independent Party of Wallace and LeMay.

11:25 PM

Anonymous SC Observer said...

Off Topic, but what MORONS are running Norman's camp. Here is the latest release.

John Spratt claimed in a debate tonight, “We’re not going to cut and run [from Iraq].” But when Iraqi pharmacist Dr. Rashad Zidan visited Rock Hill and implored the United States to “pull your troops out,” Spratt responded, “It’s not an unreasonable request.”

John, you claim to be opposed to cutting-and-running from Iraq.

Sounds to me like he was making a fairly good comment to a concerned Iraqi. Hell, you morons, Americans are calling for troop withdrawal too. It's not unreasonable to think that.

And you wonder why you're getting your can handed to you.

Sorry FITS for borrowing space...send me a bill.

11:53 PM

Anonymous JB said...

Somebody take away Phil Bailey's Internet privileges, please. I can see he still hasn't learned from his experience getting caught making anonymous comments.

2:05 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

West_Rhino, hypocritically spinning the facts?

Hillary calls the comments inapropriate? Is that demanding an apology? John Murtha got bumped up from the house of reps. to the U.S. Senate? Sold out to Tehran?

Here is what "Senator" Murtha said

"He`s got to explain -- there`s no question in my mind he doesn`t try to denigrate the troops, but how he said it certainly looks that way. So he needs to explain what he was trying to do." Sounds almost like Murtha was explaining it himself and not "demanding" and explanation as you couche it.

Its almost like some snide republican moron who never served a day in combat and just won a special election to get to the U.S. house going up into Congress and calling Murtha a coward on the floor of the U.S. House of reps. Mind you Murtha only served 38 years in the Marines so I understand if that wasn't enough service to country. The real issue is that Iraq is boondoggle not because of Kerry's inabiliy to land a good punch line. That is where the real spin is comming from.

So in closing, what in the hell are you talking about? Get a newspaper (read the head lines in it) and a cup of coffee, and the final step, which may be the most difficult for you is to actually THINK about what you read, and then start blogging again from there.

7:40 AM

Anonymous Tim said...

I find it hard to believe Joe Wilson came down on both sides of an issue.

11:36 AM

Anonymous west_rhino said...

gutless, noting that you do recognize your real name, now that we've led you to read beyond the headlines to the selected bits that hold up your lame position, take the full text of your Dem buddies that are distancing themselves, while trying to peddle Foley again.

As to Murtha, early valor that rolls over to lurking as a REMF, I'll leave to you to extol.

Til then, as with the rest of your leftist coven, stew or braise in the hypocrisy of your select half-truths. Jim Hodges proved that y'all aren't gracious in victory, perhaps rabid neo-cons ought to use your rules of engagment, dhimmitude for lawyers and anonymous posters has a fine boquet.

12:45 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joe Wilson and his family are American heroes.

If you had any shame you would feel it for making fun of the people who are defending your freedoms.

2:52 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jow Wilson has his hands full if he would do just what he is suppose to w/o sticking his two cents above every race in the sc and in the US. I have never seen a man so hungry for press that he would have an opinion on every thing. What was it he said about Foley? Did he step up to the plate and call for his resignation? What? He had nothing to say!

3:25 PM


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